Collection: Part 2


Final evaluation


In this course, i have learnt a lot of way to research, to discriminate the information of resource, and how to get promoted ideas, that is not to stop asking why. And i have learnt different ways to developed my idea, like ditching, using masking tape and plastic tape to make a simple base of a clothes.


At the first of the course, i am just drawing, with no development in my concept, with very shallow understanding in my own work. Now i expand my ideas with the research i have done before i did the experiments. For the research, I also learnt to deep analyze, If it is a contemporary artist, I’ll go visit their website. If they are more earlier artist, i will look at their books( if have )in the library, or check in the internet with their works by looking at their culture background, dynasty background, and personal background, and with their earlier work to deduce their thought. After i have researched, i can linked some point of the research to my work better.


At first, i was just likely to draw in 2D, not consider the work is needed or not, just want to stay at the place that my drawing skills can support, but then in this course i have tried to illustration with ditching, with frame print, with people’s body part, if i am gonna tell a story, i can draw a story board. What i mean is, i now can develop my art work in more different ways, not just boring drawing.


For the part that i think has will developed, i will first ask my self if it has well communicate ability with the audience, because i think it is the most important thing for illustration discipline. In the collection project i have tried to make a game which is more like a amusement and when it has been displayed, i can see that people are very likely to play with it. I don’t want to judge if i can went to BA course or not, but i can see that i am developing different skills, and i am having fun doing it. If BA course can give me more challenging task, the press can make me promote more, so i think i’ll be suitable to go.


In the collaborative project, maybe because my partner absent all the time, i didn’t really feel about how to connect our ideas, or our experiment. I just feel like i have to keep in touch with my partner, because in a very selfish way that link to my score in this project. But if i just can’t connect with her, the only thing i can do is doing my own job better, and keep leave message to her, if i have failed this project because of i didn’t communicate well with my partner, at least i know that i have done my part. And i know that not everybody has a strong sense of responsibility, what i should do is to do my part better, even she is not appear or don’t look at the message i left.


The personal goal i written in my enrollment reflective writing task is to be more creative, and be more open to other people’s work, be critical but not just judge. I think it can’t be approach at once, but keep achieving it at each project. The strengths i have in this stage is the drawing skill, i am very good at using pencils, ink, and watercolors.


The skills that i want to develop in acrylics because i think the material i used so far has very soft techniques, i think acrylics can work very good at doing mix material drawing. And the way i mixed materials, like drawing in different fabric by different mixed materials, with a storyline in it.


18th July


Today is the presentation day.

I don't want to judge is it success or not, just my partner didn't come again. The part i really don't like about this project is, although my tutor may do a lot of job when given us a good connected peer of discipline, but they can't make sure that our partner is a very irresponsible person or not. This whole week my partner only appear at the first day, and half a day in Friday. So it really not a good things of this project , i have asked her a lot in the communication software, but she just didn't come and wouldn't let me know how things going. So i can only made a separate work with her. 

And this presentation day she is still not coming and i don't know where she is, i only see her work in the Monday afternoon and we were having presentation in Tuesday, but i can only on my own.

So the presentation i have only done the my part, and i have introduced a little bit about her work, but because of i didn't take part in with the making process, i can't give more details about the material using or something else. Maybe the part i need to improve is to get her number, and call her crazily.


14th July


I had made several story board, and i like the one which is: a people taken an apple from the apple tree, and he grab it in his hand, press it till it has comes out with some essence water. He straightly apply it onto his face, and all the wrinkles on his face disappear. He left the apple on the ground, and because of lost the essence water, the apple just become disappear.

I think it can shows that: 

  • A people taken an apple from the apple tree: The raw material used in the product is very fresh and healthy.
  • He straightly apply it onto his face: With no additives in this product.
  • All the wrinkles on his face disappear, and because of lost the essence water, the apple just become disappear: it is a magical thing, seems very cruel, but that's very simple about the transferring. A good thing cannot stay for two things, one has get it, the other one should lost, that's the transferring.

So i think i actually very like this storyboard.


11th July


Me and Natrium talked about the ideas for several hours, and we decide to combine the ideas of each of us, because only do one discipline is unfair to the other one. And my partner's major is product design. I think that will help because my project is illustration. I think illustration always acts as a inside product, not a final product, unless you want to make a illustration book. But it doesn't make sense too, because the final product is a book now and not the illustration.

Anyway, i think their must be something linked between our disciplines, for example illustration can make advertise for a product, and when i talked to my partner, she has the same idea.

We made up a product about the product she's gonna do from our library object, and that's a display box with 14 rotten apples inside, she want to make a product that is a package for skincare product, shape like an apple, and when people using it, it will become red and full again, like people(who has used this product)'s face. And i revise her idea, i turn this package into: It is full and beautiful at first, and when you using it, it becomes wrinkling and rotten, but your(people who has used this product) face has become better. And that become the main concept of our packaging.

I choose this ways to revise the idea, because i think the object in the library is kind of show the connection between the apple, people's face(The object has a face sculpture on a side of apple, but it become wrinkling after these time), and time, so i think if the apple become wrinkling will be like, you had taken the essence in it, some when you using it, your skin becomes better, but the packaging become wrinkling.


7th July (One day project)


This is the people are been given some prop to made a pose, and other group drawing them.







This part is in the morning, actually i didn't get it, because some of us is learning about fashion and clothes, they didn't had to have very high skills to draw things, And the people who has learning about visual art, generally already has some basic drawing skills, we just very familiar with this, so that we can't learn from this.





This one is way more interesting, we are given to have a few tools and we has been asked to draw the 3 ways of side of the object we has made. Although tutor has already told us not to do anything that is with an angle, that'll be very difficult to draw, because it has to be accurate. This thing i draw takes me 40minute to measure and draw, it really give me a think, that is never ignore teacher's talk.



4th July







These is some photo that i have taken from my surrounding, i am not willing to find very special hairstyle, but collection different hairstyle, because the point is the collection, so i have look at different hair styles, and i think that maybe i can see the hair style as a decoration of a people, and the decoration of people they will actually chose the one they liked, so hairstyle can somehow show a people's characteristic or their hobbit. Maybe i can make the exaggerate hairstyle of each people, by get to know their hobbit.


June 28th



This is the calligraphy from China, which means the word 'Boat', and i used a plenty of them, but i find out it didn't work so well because it is too traditional, it cannot combine with the idea which i already have very well, or at least i can't do it so well. And the material using should be ink, the ink can work with watercolor but it is actually too similar, not changeable.




This is the wall i draw to make the wall more about water, not the leaf graphic. And it can using water color to draw on the paper, because the watercolor has a very soft texture, so it can show the feeling of the water very well. And i want to make a part of the boat out of the wall, to let people can sit on it, took a photo, so that it can communicate with the people.


22th June


Today i was thinking through it, that is i actually don't want to do a sign that lead people to a place with boat, but sigh people to the place to relax. General Cafe can be show on the map, but this place can't. If i am a person who is been there for the first time, i won't notice that there is a stair and people can lie on it. so i look at the people who was lie on the stair, i picked the pose that i think it can show a people is relaxed, took a picture and draw it as a sketch.


Reflection June 21th


I researched Lily Kong‘s personal website, and i find out that she has done other works, just similar like the one i have seen on the graduate show. After i went home i was always been asking, why i like it so much,  and after i sleep on it, i find out that it is because it is not focus on how beautiful the character is, but showing a plenty of punch. 


I looked back to my work, and i realize, i don't have to really do a sign which is very sign, but i can also use pictures to act as a sign. I researched her a lot, and finished the day of study.


Reflection June 20th


I and Enid has went to the Camberwell graduate show today, and i have saw a lot of fantastic work by the student there.

I have collect several contact cards, and the most impressive one is the Don‘t be afraid to be fake by Lily kong, She is a Chinese student, and her art work is about a fatty man doing different pose. The special point it has, which is what it impress me, unlike other artwork, been mount or print, is that the men she has drawn is printed on a sticker, and stick it on the walls.

I didn't release that it is one of the art work on the graduate show till i walk to her present place. It really makes me thinking that, maybe i can draw a way finding that is present like this, a sticker or a wall paper.


Reflection June 12th




This picture is when i was stand out of my sit, how it looks like. With my backpack in it, and the large folder,differents sketchbook.




This photo is when i was doodling, but not real doodling, but writing a word 'doodle' instead of it.




Using a phone on my face, to cover my face, but still can recognize me or not with or within my clothes.




My backpack.




This is the photo i want to express that i was really desperate about the food. Because i haven't really get used of it. I missed my traditional food, don't want any of the quick cooked food that used microwave to cook.




This is also about the food, i was so yearn for some delicious.


Reflection June 16th


Today‘s task is to develop the picture again, to do something with it. A girl who has took her photo with her front face and side face taken me attention, it might been photoshopped or been processed by other software, the whole picture is full of lines, but not the messy lines, it is like Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci‘s sketch, using lines to shadow some heavy color.

And the develop of her photo was using masking tape, stick around the picture in straight lines, it helped the composition to look better, and the color of the picture is warm, it didn't make any strange adding some masking tape in color.

Some people think that masking tape is just some tools, we use it to make picture, but never seen it as a part of the picture, it really helped me think a lot about the material using.


Reflection June 13th


This is the first day i started learning in foundation plus course.

We have been given task and we need to follow these task and took photos of our self portrait. I didn't have any ideas about that, because i think i am not as interesting as other people, and i am afraid to show that off. Especially in front of a lots of people.

Although in the previous project, i always have to do the presentation, but at that time the classmate is already familiar, it create less embarrassing than do the presentation to strangers. But at least, we will become familiar through three months.


Final Outcome picture


My final outcome:


The out looking of my final outcome.


When you flicking it...


A single page.


Holding it...


My partner's final outcome, which i had made my final outcome as a advertisement of hers.


17th July


I have finished the flick book making, and i have met several questions.

The flick book needs to be has contrast. for example, a picture needs to moving, but it has to only move a little, you can't move too much so that the picture will not linked together and form an animation. So i think of a solution, that is i can use a tracing paper to draw, and copy it by the scanner. So that i can see clear how is the last drawing, and change the movement slightly.

When i first draw like a few drawings, i think that maybe i can draw on a side of it, and it will more make sense when people flick it. Because when they flick it, it always has to be on the left side or the right side because that is a flick book. And if i am drawing in the middle with no space left on the side, maybe apart of the book will be cover by flicking it. So i have change the place of drawing to a slightly askew and draw it again.


13th July


The concept of my work, actually as a advertisement, all i have to do is to incite people to buy the product. So i had a very good at looking of the difference of our product, what's so different?

And i clarified the concept, i find that the most important thing is the transferring. Something good has transferred from the apple to your face, that's why the apple become wrinkling. I want to link these elements, the apple become wrinkling, people become better, and these two things has to be linked by the reason and result. 

I decide to make a flick book, instead of drawing manga, because in a manga, it can very hard to show these two scenes happened at the same time. But the flick book can tell a story like an short animation, to tell the both side of it.


12th July






10th July







We have chosen the object that has 14apples in it and we think that is about the time flies, and the apple and human face. The reason why we think it is interesting is because as the time flies, the human face sculpture become wrinkling, and we actually always seen some sculpture with very careful worked human faces, but for this one, the author knows that the fruit will be rotten, so he has used a displayed box to show the process of how the fruits been rotten, and so as the face sculpture.

And we had made a consensus that is the illustration will not be easy to show as a final product, so maybe she can design a product and i can do the advertisement. We had kept this idea for a night.


6th July (one day project)







I think this fabric which is very likely to the plastic is so convenient !!!!!!!

I had done ditch illustration before, but when i had a line of sketch, when i am ditching, it always just goes to another way and not very plane to use. BUT with this plastic fabric which actually work as a glue, things become so much easier!!!

I had made a illustration about a girl who has a long hair, for my hair style collection project, and i have choose a fabric which has very gentle color as the background, because i always think the people who with long straight hair and sloping fringe is very gentle.

I think this is good for my project because in this project i haven't made any 3D works but only on the paper, i think using the fabric to play with is actually very interesting to release me from those paper work, and it can also keep my sketch book very colorful. 


5th July




This is the final outcome of my collection project, i have made a game for the audience to play with.

I think the successful point is, people can easily get what i am collecting, and have fun when doing it.

The drawback is that it looks too formal and at first nobody will go and touch it.

Maybe next time i should write a note says: give me a haircut!laughing


4th July



These experiment is just like a game of choosing the best hairstyle or the hair style you like. 

I think it can be a good way to present my collection, because i have so much hairstyle, but as the decoration, just people can choose, to have more fun in it, by having connection in it, and maybe people can find a similar hairstyle from theirs so that it will make it have more fun.


Reflection 17th


Tutors has shown us several artists, and i find some of it interesting.

Sol le wit‘s wall drawing is very stimulate at colors an shapes, the combinations of colors has high saturation, and every color has taken the similar percentage in the whole wall. Besides, the shape of the wall is kind of mislead the audience, to let people confused about the space. 

It reminds me a kind of drawing, is drawing on the wall, and on the floor. It is a contain floor, but artist just using a very realistically skill to draw some thing on it. For example, on the floor, they will draw a hole just like a real hole on the floor.

I am thinking how i can use this into my work.


Reflection June 14th


Today, my tutors told me to developed the self portrait or took some new photos.

After i watched other people‘s photo, i realize that is may need analysis. For example, the task is to cover 6 titles like body language, lighting and others. I have to think of what i want to show, and then use the titles to help me think of how to show it. I like doodling, so i first think of a scene of i am doodling. But that is less interesting if i only put myself on the centre of picture, so i tried to change the direction that look to me. I have tried different times, and finally i decided that to took photo from my back. It seems like that the photo is taken from my own will, I only reveal my arms holding a pen, and i was glad that it was developed, although i did not know it become better or not.



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