Collection: Part 2


Reflection 17th

Tutors has shown us several artists, and i find some of it interesting.

Sol le wit‘s wall drawing is very stimulate at colors an shapes, the combinations of colors has high saturation, and every color has taken the similar percentage in the whole wall. Besides, the shape of the wall is kind of mislead the audience, to let people confused about the space. 

It reminds me a kind of drawing, is drawing on the wall, and on the floor. It is a contain floor, but artist just using a very realistically skill to draw some thing on it. For example, on the floor, they will draw a hole just like a real hole on the floor.

I am thinking how i can use this into my work.


Reflection June 16th

Today‘s task is to develop the picture again, to do something with it. A girl who has took her photo with her front face and side face taken me attention, it might been photoshopped or been processed by other software, the whole picture is full of lines, but not the messy lines, it is like Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci‘s sketch, using lines to shadow some heavy color.

And the develop of her photo was using masking tape, stick around the picture in straight lines, it helped the composition to look better, and the color of the picture is warm, it didn't make any strange adding some masking tape in color.

Some people think that masking tape is just some tools, we use it to make picture, but never seen it as a part of the picture, it really helped me think a lot about the material using.


Reflection June 14th

Today, my tutors told me to developed the self portrait or took some new photos.

After i watched other people‘s photo, i realize that is may need analysis. For example, the task is to cover 6 titles like body language, lighting and others. I have to think of what i want to show, and then use the titles to help me think of how to show it. I like doodling, so i first think of a scene of i am doodling. But that is less interesting if i only put myself on the centre of picture, so i tried to change the direction that look to me. I have tried different times, and finally i decided that to took photo from my back. It seems like that the photo is taken from my own will, I only reveal my arms holding a pen, and i was glad that it was developed, although i did not know it become better or not.


Reflection June 13th

This is the first day i started learning in foundation plus course.

We have been given task and we need to follow these task and took photos of our self portrait. I didn't have any ideas about that, because i think i am not as interesting as other people, and i am afraid to show that off. Especially in front of a lots of people.

Although in the previous project, i always have to do the presentation, but at that time the classmate is already familiar, it create less embarrassing than do the presentation to strangers. But at least, we will become familiar through three months.



This is my reflection page.




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